The world has more than enough food to end hunger. The problem is getting the surplus from those who have it to those who need it.
It's a problem of logistics.

Foodbank Local is uniting donors, volunteers and recipients, and empowering communities to use their existing resources in a new paradigm of food-aid that's more effective and more efficient than anything before.

This is the start of a movement;

The movement to end hunger.

Powerful technology

Foodbank Local is a world-changing application crafted by an unapologetically-passionate team and powered by a logistics engine that has been developed using the latest research in modeling, artificial intelligence and real-time decision making. It navigates the complex variables of the real world to move food at an extremely low-cost, incredibly fast and dead simple for the end-user.

Foodbank Australia

We're partnered with Foodbank Australia—which services over 2,500 charities and provides fifty-eight percent of all food relief for Australia.
The reach of Foodbank Australia and the power of Local will result in a dramatic increase in the meals provided to those in need.

Going global

We're keen on taking Foodbank Local to the world. We're currently in discussions about bringing it to the UK. Get in touch if you can help us make a difference in your community.